Fonts File/Size


Font File

There are thousands of different fonts available for you to use in your artwork, but if we don’t have the same font as the one you’ve used, then when we open your artwork it will be substituted for a default one. Which can completely ruin your design.

There are three ways around this..

  • If supplying your artwork in vector format (Ai, EPS or PDF) please make sure all fonts are converted to outlines. This stops your font from being substituted for another while still allowing us to scale and edit your artwork.
  • If you have permission then send us the fonts you’ve used (TTF, of, PFM, fon). Once we have the correct fonts we can then open your files without your text being altered.
  • If you can’t do either of the above then we can get the font ourselves, but you will incur an extra artwork charge. This will depend on the font/fonts required, the charge is usually £30 per font. However you can save yourself the charge and have the font for yourself by buying it yourself and sending it to us.

Font Sizes

One of the main reasons why we might need to edit the text in your artwork is to make sure that when your artwork is printed all the text will still be visible. Text being printed on rough surfaces such as Jute bags needs to be as large as possible to prevent filling in. While text on Pens and Pencils will be very small, so we suggest a font size of no less than 6pt minimum.

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