FRAUD SCAMMER EXPOSURE -Matthew Friedlander- Skagit Organics [email protected]

This company Skagit Organics(CEO is Matthew Friedlander – [email protected])is not trustable and it is a frauder, there’s a man named “Matthew Friedlander” have received our goods(500 gaiters around $1300 only), but they do not pay us, so anybody who would like to do business with this Matthew Friedlander, please consider more and be careuful, they use credit card to pay and ask for refund easily. Very bad guys. Exposure the scammer – Skagit Organics got our parcels not pay money, they buy goods from china supplier, keep goods but refund from credit card.

Since this guy do not cherish their reputation here, so we must exposure their bad behavior here.

These are their contacts:

Skagit Organics Team

skagit organics frander
skagit organics frauder
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